Ramses från Snäcksjön

FEIF-ID: SE2015170075
Geschlecht: Hengst
Geboren: 2015 / Schweden
Farbe: Fuch
Stockmass: 140 cm
Veranlagung: Tölt vorhanden | Rennpass vorhanden | für Kinder geeignet | als Freizeitpferd geeignet | als Sportpferd einsetzbar |
als Zuchtpferd einsetzbar
Ramses från Snäcksjön


Vater:Alfur frá Selfossi   Mutter:Svala från Solbacka
VV:Orri frá Þúfu í Landeyjum   MV:Svalur frá Glæsibæ
VM:Álfadís frá Selfossi   MM:Djörfung frá Gunnarsholti


Beurteilung unter dem Sattel: 8.38
8 year old fivegaited stallion with super pedigree
BLUP 118

Judged with total 8,38 (conformation 8,34, ridden abilities 8,40)

Father: Honorary prized Alfur frá Selfossi - 8,46
Dam: Honorary prized Svala från Solbacka - 8,40

Competed at Swedish championships as seven year old 2022 (T2yr) and eight year old 2023 (T2yr, F1yr. A-finalist F1).

Never been sick, lame or injured. No eczema. Very easy to ride and to handle. Very kind horse, everyone can ride him. Clear beated gaits with good movements, good carriage and light front part. A wonderful riding horse for anyone looking for a competition horse in high level and/or a breeding stallion with super pedigree. He has a very good pregnancy rate and he is really polite with his mares. His first offsprings are in training and they are very promising.

Currently in training at SE-hästar, Mönsterås, southern Sweden.

contact: ella@snacksjon.com

Preisvorstellung: 45.000,00 €


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